113 – Introducing the UFOcast

A new podcast about Gerry Anderson’s UFO featuring Luke from TMDWP and Michael from the Tin-Dog Podcast.

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UFO – Volumes 1-4 Collector’s Edition [1970] [DVD]

UFO – Volumes 5-8 Collector’s Edition [DVD] [1970]

UFO: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]


106 – Meet the New Doctors

I think that unsure is the best way to describe how I feel about the news of Jodie Whittaker’s casting. My preference was for the Doctor to remain male and I can’t yet picture a woman playing the part. So I’m not in jubilant mood as many of you seem to be, but neither have I thrown my toys out of the pram as others have.

Doctor Who is a programme that thrives on change and will continue to do so. I’ve not always been on board with those changes in the past, but I’m still here watching. I’ll continue to be a viewer once Jodie is the Doctor.
In the meantime here’s a little jokey piece I put together…

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